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Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle

“Today's linear economic model: Take - Make – Waste, relies on large volumes of cheap, readily available materials and energy and is a model that has reached its physical limits." EMF

A strict circular economy repesents an alternative way to permanently and sustainably serve a growing demand for resources. Cycle-friendly construction offers the greatest potential for the creation of lasting added value, as well as cost certainty in building construction and operation. And it therefore makes long-term benefits from intelligent buildings possible.

With a concept that differentiates between technical and biological cycles, a continuous, positive development cycle is created. This preserves and improves natural capital, optimizes resource yield and minimizes the systemic risk inherent in the use of finite building materials that have not been selected and assembled in a cycle-friendly manner.




Creating Added Value

The concept of WOODSCRAPER is based on the principles of Cradle-to-CradleCircular Economy and AktivPlus. As part of the DBU-funded project, strategies for cycle-friendly construction are being developed and implemented in the project through an integrated planning process. Synergies between construction, materials and building services are identified and meaningfully connected together. In parallel, all these potentials are quantified through a life-cycle analysis.

The WOODSCRAPER makes this added value in the construction and operation of a building visible and perceptible over its entire life cycle. 

The building can be adapted to address changing needs, and the resources expended can be recycled. The operator also benefits from the economic potential inherent in the circular economy. A holistic cost analysis in the planning process evaluates all medium and long-term added value for users, operators and investors, as a foundation to make meaningful, future-oriented decisions.